Sunday, 13 January 2013

January Update

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year to all of you lovely Kids Run Free supporters. Our first events of 2013 started off great, lots of eager runners turned up last weekend to get the New Year off to a healthy start.

We were really pleased that local MP Chris White turned up to our Leamington Spa event to show his support, and even more pleased that the Coventry Telegraph turned up at our Memorial Park event to take some photos of all our little runners.

Smiles at the start line

And they're off!

Now for a little update:

Starting next month we will no longer be giving fruit away to our runners, instead all participants will receive stickers. Wild and Free (the company that have been donating fruit to our runners) will continue to support our cause through donations to Raceways Events.

Also, next month our Leamington Spa events will be held at 9am and 10am, we are hoping to gather information about which time is more popular, so come along at either of these times.

The LoveSport RoadShow will be relaunching next month at 2pm at the Leamington Spa KRF site. The LSRS is being rebranded for children with special educational needs and their siblings - we can't wait to get on board!

That's all for now, see you at our next races on February 2nd!

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