Thursday, 13 March 2014

Kids Run Free in Regent Court for Pancake Day Tuesday 4th March

Regent Court, with its wide, paved and modern-looking streets girdled by Starbucks and Strada and fashion shops, isn’t normally used by children to race down! But this Pancake day all that changed when Kids Run Free hosted its Pancake Run.

Children brought along their own frying pan, and they had to run with a pancake in the pan.

 There were plenty of rewards on offer. They got a certificate for participating in the event and Regent Court teamed up with Kids Run Free to offer them candy. With these irresistible carrots (well candies) to tempt them, the first children turned up at 10:50 to help get thing set up. Racing started at 11:00 and as the event continued, more and more children flocked in off the streets as they saw all the fun. Soon. Regents Court was full of kids running around, which is just as it should be. Here, Carmen and Fiona are with the kids.

and a girl demonstrates the proper way to hold a pancake. Mums and Dads stuck in their kitchens could learn a thing or two!

If only all Pancake Days were this fun!

Your trusty running buddy Dash