Thursday, 10 April 2014

Kids Run For Their Mums in Alcester

On Saturday 29th March, Kids Run Free came to Martine’s home town, Alcester with the event Run For Your Mum. Just like all of our events, Run For Your Mum was accessible to children of 0-16 years of age and there were races up to and including a 2km course! In addition, there were extra activities on offer such as face painting.

Oooh scary!!

Run For Your Mum was really popular, with more than 120 children participating in races and activities. Here they are at the start line.

The presence of Kids Run Free (and the kids running) was welcomed by the Mayor of Alcester. Here he is shaking hands with one of the boys.

Everyone got a medal and a daffodil to give to their mum. Thanks to Simply Fresh in Alcester for donating them.

Except this boy, who got two trophies because he won two races. Its not surprising he did so well, he is the son of Chris Spriggs, the race director of the new KRF Bidford initiative. Well done Master Spriggs!

Your Dashing Correspondent, Dash

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