Thursday, 22 May 2014

One Year of Justin Mullis at Kids Run Free

About this time last year, Raceways was looking for someone to manage its AVENGER project. One of the applications was from an enthusiastic father of two called Justin Mullis. Justin didn’t end up being project manager, but he did become one of Kids Run Free’s most loyal and tireless supporters. He strongly appreciated the benefits of Kids Run Free, and he regularly brought his two daughters to our monthly event in Coventry.

Justin became Race Director for the Nuneaton event in June 2013, a role which he still volunteers for with enthusiasm. Here he is with Pete and Jo, race directing for his first time.

As well as this, Justin has done extensive fundraising for our charity. Last year he raised £700 cycling 575 miles from Ireland to England for Kids Run Free. Here’s what Justin looked like, half way there and still on form.

This year he is completing a project running a marathon a week for five weeks. Here he is at Milton Keynes.

The last marathon in this stint is this week and will involve Justin running on a route around Nuneaton, the town he is race director for. He will be joined for 5km by KRF fundraising volunteer Pete Welch and for 20km with KRF Founder and Director Martine Verweij.

To find out what drives Justin Mullis in his charitable activities, Kids Run Free interviewed him by email so he could tell us in his own words

How did you first become involved with Kids Run Free?

I first got involved with KRF when I sat an interview for a Project Manager role for last years’ Avenger Triathlon; I met Martine, Jo & Pete & learnt all about this charity. I started taking my children to the Coventry runs, kept in touch with Martine & Jo, then a while later was offered the role of race director for the newly installed Nuneaton KRF.

Why do you feel that Kids Run Free is such an important charity?

I am passionate about exercise & the importance it can play in people's lives, so if we can install that passion into children, the health benefits are untold. Plus the kids think it's fun!

Justin, last year you cycled 575 miles from Ireland to England,  raising £700 along the way. This year you are running five marathons over five weeks. Why did you take on these extraordinary challenges?

I set myself challenge's to push myself. The bike ride I did last year was an endurance challenge but with the marathons it's purely to see how far I can physically push myself! I like to constantly take myself out of my comfort zone, sometimes I go a bit further. Raising money while I do it is the easy part

Yours Just In, Dash

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Kids Run Free in Richmond, Twickenham

On Saturday 3rd May, Kids Run Free launched for the first time in Twickenham, at Richmond’s Marble Hill Park.

Over 50 children from the local area had their first experience participating in a KRF event.

It started at 09:00 and there were plenty of races for 0-16 year olds and their parents. There was a 250 meter course on Marble Hill Park and no shortage of runners, both little ones and big ones. A couple of kids did 1K running four laps of the course and one kid was so keen that he ran 2K over the course. He was so pleased to have run so far for the first time!

Richmond’s Deputy Mayor, Stephen Speak, came out to give his full support to Kids Run Free. After inspiring everyone with a speech, he encouraged the participants by starting all the races and talking to all the parents.

After a successful start in Northampton, Twickenham is the second major KRF location outside of the West Midlands and it represents the first time the charity has taken one of its events to England’s capital city, London. With more than 50 children, the Twickenham initiative was just the biggest of the KRF events on 3rd May. There were 24 kids at Nuneaton, 35 at Northampton and 40 children at Solihull 42 children at Bidford/Stratford.

Yours Dashingly, Dash