Friday, 27 June 2014

Kids Run Free Anniversaries at Solihull and Nuneaton

On 7th June, Kids Run Free celebrated anniversaries in Solihull and Nuneaton.

The Solihull event marked three years of Kids Run Free holding events in Solihull. The town actually played host to Kids Run Free’s very first event in 2011 when the charity began. Located at Solihull School, it was attended by Ian Courts, the then Mayor of Solihull and benefited from the huge help of Pam and Mike Doyle. Over its three years of existence, the Solihull event grew in size, even having to be moved from Solihull School to Bentley Heath to accommodate the increasing numbers of children.

With this background, there were high hopes for a successful anniversary. Over 30 children attended with their parents and they very much appreciated the opportunity to try out Kids Run Free’s new course layout and warm up equipment.

It was attended by the Mayor Joe Tildesley and Councillor Ian Courts. Here they are with Joey the kangaroo!

Andrew Venables and Phil Henderson were there representing Laser UK, as part of the company’s ‘Make a Difference Program’ and we were also helped out by their team of volunteers. Here they are, standing together with everyone at Solihull.

The Nuneaton anniversary event marked one year of holding events in Nuneaton. Over 30 children attended with their parents. They even got cake from Kids Run Free’s most tireless supporter, Justin Mullis. Justin has a long connection with Kids Run Free in Nuneaton. He volunteered as Nuneaton Race Director when the event first started in 2013 and recently he completed a marathon around Nuneaton as part of a fundraising challenge for Kids Run Free.

The success of these two anniversaries is an occasion for Kids Run Free to look back on how far it has come since its founding and look forward to more success in the future.

Yours Dashingly, Dash