Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Jo Franklin, Birmingham Race Director

Every Christmas, you may see in Birmingham a certain Mr Franklin dressed up as

… Father Christmas! If you’re lucky, you may see him fall flat on his face, all hot and bothered in the cold Christmas winter. Here is Mr Franklin’s wife Jo Franklin.

With a blue T-shirt and flame red hair, she’s not dressed up for any particular occasion.

Jo Franklin is KRF Birmingham Race Director, a role she finds “extremely rewarding” because she gets to see children run for possibly the first time and push their limits, for example, by running 1K. She became Race Director when she set up her own business and didn’t have the time to continue her previous volunteering in schools and colleges. As a keen runner who had time to spare on the weekends, Race Directing was ideal for Jo, allowing her to continue her rewarding work with children and communicate her passion for running.

Here is Jo – with her standard work costume of blue T-shirt and flame red hair – setting an example for some enthusiastic kids.

And don’t forget superman!

To find out why Jo is so passionate about Kids Run Free, we interviewed her by email and you can see her answers below.

Where did you first learn about Kids Run Free?

I learned about KRF from an advert on Gumtree, then met up with Martine to find out more.

What made you want to become a Race Director for Kids Run Free?

I have done quite a bit of volunteering in the past in schools and colleges, but since setting up my own business, I didn't have time to continue what I was doing. I still very much wanted to be involved with children on a less regular basis, and as a keen runner, this was ideal for me.

Why are you so passionate about Kids Run Free?

I love the race day, it's extremely rewarding. The best part for me is seeing children that may have never run before achieving something, be it their first race, a personal best, or completing their first 1k. It's a great fun event, we have lots of laughs, and plenty of noisy cheering!

You and your husband dressed up as Father Christmas last year, what’s the story behind that!?

For Christmas, we wanted to add an extra dimension. My husband is a fireman, and they have children's events at the fire station, so the costume was readily available. We decided that he should run with the children, although I'm not sure he realised how warm it would be inside the suit! The very best moment was when Father Christmas fell flat on his face, much to the amusement/concern of the kids, but we had sweets to give out and lots of great pictures throughout. 

Yours Dashingly, Dash

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