Thursday, 21 August 2014

Kids Run Free's Office Volunteers

Kids Run Free is a charity focused on the outdoors and physical activity so we often focus on the outdoor volunteers such as Race Directors inspiring children to run. But Kids Run Free relies just as much on its indoor volunteers who work in its head office. We currently have four office volunteers. Our longest serving volunteer, Pete, has been at Kids Run Free since January 2012. Media assistant Alex and administrative assistant Rob have been at the charity for over half a year now while our newest volunteer, administrative assistant Ai, has just joined us. And lets not forget Joey the Kangaroo who helps out at the office and – I don’t want to blow my own trumpet here – myself, Dash. We’re always looking for more office volunteers; there is currently a vacancy for an IT assistant, so if you’re passionate about Kids Run Free and IT’s your thing email

What’s so important about volunteering at the Kids Run Free office? Pete previously worked at Jaguar Landrover before joining Kids Run Free. Pete’s voluntary work has been vital to Kids Run Free and his experience in the corporate world gives him just the administrative skills Kids Run Free needs to make it a success. He is responsible for all sorts of duties, from doing the accounts and getting grant funding to updating the website. Much more importantly he also provides the lowdown on Co-op sandwiches and is an astute music critic, quick to point out songs on the radio that cut corners, are too slow, or generally too – well – rubbish!

Rob and Ai both perform administrative ‘back office’ duties. Rob joined Kids Run Free in June and his first role was helping with the AVENGER, an event of our sister company Raceways [] He is currently studying a Sports Science degree in Edinburgh and wanted to volunteer at a charity related to his interests. Rob does loads of stuff for Kids Run Free, organising events such as the recent Bedworth event. He even gets to personally invite town Mayors! Ai is an international volunteer, before she joined Kids Run Free she taught English in Japan, along with performing plenty of admin duties. She mainly helps Pete with the accounts and data entry. In return, Kids Run Free will give her work experience in the UK, so she can find a job in administration. Kids Run Free wishes her best of luck!

Alex joined Kids Run Free after graduating from UCL and he’s been here for over six months. He helps Kids Run Free get the publicity and exposure it needs in the local press, by writing articles and press releases. He also phones up local radio stations to tell them about Kids Run Free’s work and has even started a Brand New Newsletter. He wants to use his KRF experience to get a media or marketing job.

 Here they all are, from left: Rob, Ai, Alex and Pete.
The real man – well Kangaroo! – behind Kids Run Free though is Joey the Kangaroo. He joined Kids Run Free because, having been an Olympic Gold Medal winning bouncer, his joints became too achy to bounce any more and he had to stick to running. How humiliating! Now he helps out all the time at the office and comes along to events. He’s always around when you need him!

And I would talk about all the very very important work I do – but I’m far too modest and self effacing to do that!

Yours Dashingly, Dash

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