Wednesday, 17 September 2014

KIDS’ MARATHON: 2014-15 School year

So far 4 of the 20 primary schools taking part in Kids’ Marathon this school year have started having fun during their lunchtimes.

What better way to exercise than by doing something that is fun and gives you a sense of achievement? This is what we have been doing at primary schools across the Midlands. 

Martine, our charity Director has been visiting the schools enrolled in this years’ program and spreading the excitement of running to all pupils. 

Kids’ Marathon is an Olympic Legacy initiative that allows children to get into running in their own way. While at present, children rely on their parents to take them to the monthly events, Kids Marathon will bring running into schools, and to the children whose parents cannot attend our usual Saturday morning events.

This initiative is open to children between the ages of 4 and 12.  Children aim to run a full marathon, that’s 26.2 miles, throughout the academic school year by running as much or as little as they want every week in the school playground during their lunch break.

Kids Marathon makes running accessible and friendly to children while allowing them to get the physical exercise they need every week. If and when they complete their kid’s marathon, they get the chance to run the last half mile at the charity’s annually Festival of Running, something that will give them a taste of what it is like to run a real race. They also get a medal and a T-shirt for their efforts. But, some of you already know this as you attended this year’s Festival of Running at Edmondscote Athletics track in Leamington Spa. And what a great day it was!!! Now, imagine how big it will be in 2015 with double the schools taking part.


This year’s Kids’ Marathon started on Monday, 8th September at Hodge Hill Primary School in Birmingham. This was such an exciting day with children running as princesses and super heroes. Some of the older children helped with the project by guiding the younger ones and taking charge of helping to collect the data of how far each child had run.


Councillor Shafique Shah, Mayor of Birmingham, paid the school a visit and as a runner himself supported Kids Run Free’s initiative.

Hodge Hill Head teacher- Laura Kearney was interviewed for BBC West Midlands and explained how important this project is for the children in her school. From 750 children that attend this school 650 of them are taking part in Kids’ Marathon. This is a great way to kick start this school year.

Hodge Hill Primary was followed by: Binley Woods Primary in Coventry - launched 11th September; St Mary’s Primary in Southam- launched 15th September; Hillstone Primary in Birmingham – launched 16th September; Knightlow Primary in Rugby- Lunched 17th September.

The initiative not only helps children get excited about sports and keeps them fit; but also helps the older children gain a sense of leadership and organisation, important skills for life.

We want to thank our sponsors – Bridgestone for all they have given us to make this project possible.

I bet you wished you’d had this at your school. 

To get involved and for more information, please visit:

Yours Dashingly, Dash :)


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