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Kids Run Free October/November 2015

As always we have been very busy here at Kids Run Free. Here are just a few things we been up to in October and November

Kids Run Free has spread to 3 new towns in October: Leicester (Knighton Park), Tamworth and Worcester. Taking the number of event locations to 15.

Leicester was the first of these to have a launch on Saturday 1st October. AND, it was the first town to have two Kids Run Free events in two different parts of town. This is a challenge we took with excitement and it was very rewarding to answer various requests to have this happening.
So, since 1st November children in Leicester can chose to attend either Braunstone park (running since December 2013) or in Knighton park every first Saturday of the month at 9am.

So on Saturday, 1st November Kids Run Free launched a new event at Knighton Park with a significant number of children attending 26 children. We’re so proud of this achievement. 

Worcester, was the second event being launched on Saturday, 8th November at Cob House Fisheries. We had 10 children taking part and Harriett Baldwin Worcestershire MP and Mayor Alan Amos supporting us on the day.
Worcester event is the first of our events taking place not in a park, bit in an idyllic surroundings offering Kids Run Free children and parents the opportunity to enjoy the countryside, beautiful lakes and parkland. Families can also explore the site by taking a stroll and see Reindeer, Pigs, Goats, Chickens and Ducks. 

Last but not least Tamworth, was the third to be launched on Saturday, 18th October and it was extremely well received by the community. With the support of Active Tamworth the Castle Grounds in Tamworth saw 38 children running.  A significant number at a launch event making Kids Run Free team very proud.

Deputy Mayor Maureen Gant was in attendance and said of the event ‘It is so good to see so many people attending and Tamworth should be proud of itself. The team at Kids Run Free have said that this is the best response they have ever had from a location in terms of volunteers, support from the Council and the community in general, making Tamworth the first location to have an event on a weekly basis.’

My best friend Joey the Kangaroo joined the boys and girls and run on the day. 


During October my team was also very busy launching Kids’ Marathon adventure in 2 new Primary Schools: Guardian Angels Catholic School in London ( 13.10.2014) and St. Osburgs School in Coventry (20.10.2014) adding more than 400 children to the list of children taking part of this year’s Kids’ Marathon.

St Osburgs Kids’ Marathon launch

On Tuesday, 18th November Chairman of Warwickshire County Council , Brian Moss, attended a Kids’ Marathon celebration at Provost Williams Primary School (Coventry- Ryton) to recognise the pupils’ Kids’ Marathon achievements. The children at this school are taking part of Kids’ Marathon for the second consecutive year and some of them already completed 10K, 20K and 30K of their 42 K total Marathon challenge. So they were awarded certificates to commemorate this amazing achievement and to inspire others to keep running.  

Kids’ Marathon Facebook page and twitter account:

We have also created a Kids’ Marathon Facebook account for you to follow our every step: Please look for Kids Marathon. Also follow us on Twitter @kidsmarathonuk

Yours Dashingly, Dash

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