Friday, 24 April 2015

How to inspire your family to be active and healthy?

How one family found inspiration to be active with Kids Run Free

Kids Run Free aims to inspire as many children as possible to be active so that they may become healthier, happier, more confident children. We know that this is a very hard target to measure, but when you come upon stories like Fred’s you really see how our events can make a difference. 

Fred is 8 years old, he started attending the Kids Run Free event in Coventry at War Memorial Park back in 2013, he found that he loved running so much that he soon progressed to join the Coventry Godiva Harriers Athletics Club.

Fred with his Bronze medal from the Godiva Kids Cross Country Championships

Fred didn’t just stop there, he now likes to run 5K once or twice a month at his local Parkrun and he runs with his schools Cross Country Club too. It is amazing for us at Kids Run Free to hear from his mum who tells us that Fred’s love for running was thanks to Kids Run Free.

 Kids Run Free has been a really important stepping stone to Fred participating in other running events. It was through that we were introduced to Godiva Kids and I think it gave Fred the confidence to feel that running was something he could do well. It's fantastic that there is something out there for even the youngest kids.”
Jo Mason- Fred’s Mum

 Fred running the Birmingham Mini Run 2014

Kids Run Free is here for children of all abilities under the age of 16 years old and their families, giving them the opportunity to be active in an outdoors safe environment within their local community. We hope that by inspiring children to be active that we will also inspire all of the family to be a bit more active together. This is why we are so proud when we hear stories such as this one.

Fred has now taken part in the Brighton MiniMile on April 11th this year, but he wasn’t alone; his mum Jo ran the 10k race and his uncle ran the Brighton Marathon on the same day, both inspired by Fred’s achievements. What is best about this story is that Fred’s mum and uncle both found their passion for running very recently. It is never too late for you to start enjoying running too.

   Fred at the Brighton Mini Mile 2015
Mile PB of 7:21

Fred's uncle Jim ran his first Marathon in 4hours and 48 minutes.

Jo Mason, Fred's mum ran a 10K PB of 58:21

 “None of us were runners a couple of years ago - and it's great that we have all caught the bug at the same time. I definitely credit Kids Run Free and Parkrun with inspiring us.”

Fred's mum and uncle at  Run for Rotary 2014

Of course, not everyone that comes to Kids Run Free ends up getting the running bug quite like this family, but many of the children that do take part in Kids Run free events from a young age, move on to take part in other sporting activities, such as football, cricket, rugby, ect. Parents tell us that they truly believe that Kids Run Free contributed to their child’s interest in sports, after all the base to all these sports is running.

So, next time you think you can’t do it, just ignore it and have a go, you might be surprise how much you can achieve.

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