Friday, 15 May 2015

Is it hard for you to keep your children active? Try aiming small...

Is it hard for you to keep your children active? Try aiming small to start with: once a month might be the right starting point. 


Ruari’s Story

I have an extraordinary story to tell you about a little boy called Ruari and his experience with Kids Run Free.

Ruari will be 5 years old on the 30th of May and he loves being outdoors and active. He runs at Kids Run Free in Coventry every first Saturday of the month and he also enjoys cycling and swimming. 

I thought I would let you know about his story, not just because he is an outdoors kind of kid just like me, but because he hasn’t missed a single Kids Run Free event in Coventry since the event started in April 2012. Ruari was just under 2 years old when he started and he has been growing and moving up from his initial 50 metres race to his current 100 metres and soon he will be moving onto the 250 metres run, I am sure he will be more than up to the challenge. 

So, I’m sure you are asking, what’s so special about Ruari? All children that attend Kids Run Free are special, but Ruari is something else because of his and his family’s commitment and determination to be active. As I said before Ruari has never missed a Kids Run Free event in Coventry, he has been there every first Saturday of the month whether it is snowing, raining, windy or a bright sunny Saturday morning. That is 164 consecutive months in a row, wow, we think as I’m sure you do too that Ruari is a star for achieving this.  

Elaine (Ruari’s mum) says:
“We kept going because Ruari enjoyed it.  The Coventry Event is monthly and we’ve been lucky that we haven’t ever been away over the first weekend of the month. (I think we would struggle if it was every week but because we know it is the first of the month we are able to commit).”

Needless to say with this level of commitment you won’t be surprised to know that Ruari was one of the first children to receive their bronze reward of a blue t-shirt. You can see Ruari on the right in this photo.

You also won’t be surprise to know that Ruari was the first child to be awarded the silver award of a red t-shirt and the gold award of a green t-shirt.  So this brings us to the present day and our Ruari is just one event away from completing his latest attendance sticker card and again being the first child to be in a position to receive a fourth award. This puts us in a brilliant predicament as we do not know what this award will be as yet but we think it should be something of importance that shows our appreciation of Ruari and his commitment to being active with Kids Run Free.   

Ruari in his red t-shirt holding hands with his sister Cáelinn, who is three years old this week, and there mum Elaine.

Here Ruari is getting his green t-shirt on a freezing Saturday morning. 

As many other kids that attend Kids Run Free Ruari and his family enjoy taking part in other events organised for children. Last year he took part in the Run for Rotary Event 1K run and 2K bike ride at Draycote Water that Kids Run Free organised. Check this year’s event details here 

Furthermore he took part in the Santa Dash at Market Harborough in December 2014 and raised £275 for the Myton Hospice. This deserves a big clap of hands from all of use. Elaine, Ruari’s mum, tells us that they couldn’t find any locals events that allow 4 years olds to enter close by, this is why they choose this particular event.

If you are struggle to find events for four year olds and under, you can always join our Sister Company’s Events, Raceways Events, where all children events are organised by Kids Run Free and are free of charge. And what is best, your child can even run against me in one of them. For more information of these events and how to enter, please chick here.

But, Ruari’s favourite event has been the Mini Mud Run that he did last month, looking at this photo you can see why this is a child’s and adults favourite and why you need news shoes after it. He likes this event so much that he has register for the next event in July and has started training. For more information of this event, click here.


 Ruari and his mum at the Mini Mud Run April 2015

Before I finish for today I want to let you know that Ruari has some roles models in his family: on one side of the family his grandfather was a boxer for Ireland and on the other side his uncle and granddad both ran for their County when they were under 18. I believe Ruari is growing up to be his sister role model too.

Ruari’s family found out about Kids Run Free through some friends, they used to meet up at the Coventry event to catch up, so you can see how our vents are also excellent to keep in touch with friends and to make a lot of new ones too.

Ruari and his new friends at the start line (first child from the left) at kids Run Free Coventry.

So come along to your nearest Kids Run Free event soon and bring a friend with you. Look for your closest location and register for free here

Yours Dashingly, Dash