Thursday, 30 July 2015

Running is fun and rewarding

Hello my friends,

It’s me again; Dash.

I am so happy that school holidays have finally begun! So nice not to have to get up and leave the house in the morning. Sometimes I even have a lay-in. But I still go running most days because I really want to get better at running. All you kids will be so surprised when you see me run next time because I will be so much faster than you expect!!

I am so glad that Kids Run Free still has their races during the school holidays! Can you imagine not being able to run a race for the whole summer? I can’t! It’s way too much fun and I want to see all you kids again.

Last time I was at a Kids Run Free race, I got totally soaked!!!  It just wouldn’t stop raining. But it didn’t really matter: I actually like to run in the rain J  
By the way, did you see me at the Leamington Football Club Family Fun Day? I did kick boxing, running and I road my Strider bike? I had a ball!!! That night I had to get to bed early I was so tired. 

Oh I almost forgot to tell you: Kids Run Free, and myself of course, we won a prize: Educator of the Year at The Touch FM Pride of Warwickshire Awards 2015. Isn’t that great??? I am so proud!!!! 

Also, I had a great time at the Festival of Running on Wednesday 1st July at Edmondscote Athletic Track in Leamington Spa. I had never been to a real running track before and it made me feel like a proper athlete, I think all the kids there felt the same.

It was lovely to see all my friends running and completing their Kids’ Marathon challenge. It was amazing to see so many kids that had run a full marathon and some of them had run way more than that. They got a well-deserved medal and I was so proud of them.

School that ran the furthest on the day - St Margaret’s in Whitnash

Dash's Distance - Kids' Marathon Shield: School that ran the furthest distance over the academic year - Woodloes Primary School in Warwick.

With the support of our friends at Bridgestone and at TomTom.

Did I mention that it was the hottest day of 2015? I had to drink lots of water and kept getting under the hose, like these kids.

I can’t wait to see you next time.

I will be joining you at an event very soon. Check out the Facebook page and our Newsletters for more details.

Big Dash hugs everyone.