Tuesday, 14 July 2015

7 Reasons why you should be using Strider Balance Bikes


Recommended by us, recommended by parents like you too

1-      Children can start as young as possible: children from 18months can start learning to ride

Here at Kids Run Free we love to get kids active in any way possible so that they can enjoy growing in a healthy, happy way, because healthy children make happy families.
With the logo “Start Young, Stay Fit” we try as much as possible to recommend activities that promote an active life style for all children from as early in life as possible. 

2-      It’s a toy that offers the chance to learn a life skill 

As you know I love running every Saturday morning at the Leamington Kids Run Free event or at any of the other 24 locations across the country.
When I visit a Kids Run Free event I always have a go on the Strider bikes that some of our events have. I love them and I think they are great, especially for my younger friends as they can start learning how to ride a bike at the same time as running.

Strider bikes are much more than a toy, they give your children the change to learn a skill for life. No surprise that they have taught over 1,000,000 kids to ride all around the world. 

3-      Children gain other important qualities – such as self-esteem…

Being able to ride a bike and have that confidence over your own ability to balance on a bike is a wonderful experience that all kids love to have. Using a strider bike from an early age gives the youngest of children confidence and self-esteem as they learn this skill at a much earlier age. This gives them a sense of freedom which in turn allows them to do more for themselves.  In addition STRIDER run races across the UK to allow kids to ride with others.

“We loved the Strider Bike World Championships. We never dreamed racing would have taken us to where we are now or taken over our lives as a family in the way it has. We now spend pretty much every weekend travelling the country racing and we love it. But most importantly, it has had a huge positive impact on Oscar’s life. He was always quite shy when he was younger and now he has so much more confidence.” Quote Matt Booth, dad to Oscar, 5 years old and representing Team GB at the BMX world championships

4-      Strider Bikes are recommended by other parents

You can be assured that these bikes are sold and recommended by parents, like Karen Wood the owner of STRIDER in the UK and Ireland, who saw the benefit of this product first as a parent. Karen say:

“In 2010 I wanted to teach my children aged 2 and 4 how to ride a bike, but found difficulty in finding a bike that wasn't too heavy or well adjusted. The eldest was on stabilisers and going nowhere fast. Wobbling from side to side as stabilisers never truly both work at the same time, she couldn't get up and down curbs and balance was a skill that just wasn't being learnt. This is when I discovered the Strider bike. 

“Both my children learned how to safely ride and balance a bike using this and very quickly but more importantly independently which gave them self-confidence and I could see the coordination improving daily. On trips around the park complete strangers, alongside many friends and neighbours asked where we got these from, and this is when the idea of the Strider and retailing them in the UK came into play.”

5-      It’s a family business: 

The most exciting thing is that balance bikes are fully adjustable so they will last for several years. There are also many sizes and colours to choose from. Even more, they are not just for children, your granny can also have a go with adult bikes also being available. 

6-      You will be joining an ever growing community of young riders

Another positive thing about strider bike is that there is a big community out there of Strider bike users so there are many things to be shared, such as competitions. They also hold exciting fun packed events for children, you can check these out here

7-      Strider Bikes are suitable for children of all abilities

Just like Kids Run Free, Strider Bikes are there for children of all abilities, as stated on their website: “Over and over again we have heard parents explain how they were told that their children would not learn how to ride a bike, and we came up with the solution - the Strider bike. Time and time again we have heard how fantastic children are doing at riding. The Strider makes it easy and adaptable; contact us for further information on the product.”
Click here for more information:

And above all else, Strider Bikes are a fun and exciting way to get your kids moving!

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