Thursday, 18 August 2016

My experience of being a Race Director

By Sisi Tsoi

Six weeks ago I started to work as a covering Race Director at Kids Run Free. We had great weather so it meant we could do our events under glorious sunshine. During these weeks the kids have come out with the funniest things:

‘You get what you get and you don’t get upset!’

‘Perseverance - do you know that word?’

‘You’re lucky I am only going to run 20 million laps today!’

‘Less talking, more running’ (You would think that was from me, but it wasn’t)

‘We should all run to the sunshine!’

‘Bananas taste so great after a run, because it makes you bananas.’

‘I am a much better runner than Daddy.’

‘I bet Daddy and Mummy will never run together’ (but they did)

‘Can I have a day off tomorrow?’ (after one lap!)

‘I love to collect all the colours of the bands.’

...these are to name but a few - I couldn’t remember the rest.

Things I learnt:

Warm weather makes everyone happy,

Being sweaty is a strange sensation for some.

The Race Director’s job is a very important job and to be taken very seriously,

Talking in a monotone is never a good idea at 9am Saturday morning!

Setting up an obstacle course while the kids are starting to arrive is not the best time - the course either gets forgotten about – or I have never had so many helpers!

Confronting my own fear of public speaking / shouting makes me happy... and can also help with some shyness,

Forgetting to bring water for my own children before a race is a very bad idea!

Some children keep me on my toes by trying to become invisible.

Playing Mummy is not just for girls,

Landing flat on your backside can give the kids a giggle.

Every inch of the race is measured….and not just by me!

When some of the kids are feeling tired, praise is the best medicine!

I hope all of the children had an amazing time, I know I enjoyed it.

From baby steps to giant leaps - keep fit and stay young.

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